Thursday, June 16, 2011

I LUV MY HUBBY...isteri-isteri mesti baca!

How do you treat your husband in Islam? ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Keeping secrets; concealing faults;
♥ not telling him about the bad things that people say about him;
♥ telling him about good things that people say about him which will make him happy;
♥ listening attentively when he is speaking;
♥ avoiding arguments; calling him by the name that he likes best;
♥ praising him for his best obvious characteristics;
♥ thanking him for favours that he does;
♥ defending him in his absence;
♥ helping him when he needs help without waiting for him to ask;
♥ advising him in a gentle and indirect manner – if he there is a need for that;
♥ forgiving him for his mistakes;
♥ not criticizing him;
♥ praying for him in private when he is alive and after he dies;
♥ expressing joy at things that make him happy and sorrow at things that make him sad;
♥ greeting him first when meeting him;
♥ making room for him in a gathering;
♥ offering your place to him;
♥ seeing him out when he leaves;
♥ listening attentively when he speaks until he has finished speaking;
♥ and in general treating him as one would like to be treated.

tinta normi : hadiah buat suami...mentaatimu syurga buatku. Semoga kasih sayang kita membawa ke syurgaNya!

KAMI ^_^

KAMI ^_^